The Barnabas Landing Steward Experience

Each year a cohort of up to twelve young adults will be selected to live and learn together through a guided mentorship experience from September to April. Together we learn to steward our gifts and seek answers to three BIG questions:


1. Who am I to be?

2. What am I being called towards?

3. Who am I to journey with?


These questions will guide our learning conversations over the year. 

A year of encouragement...

While living and working together on the island, participants learn through a mentoring process that includes: guided reading, group teaching, one-on-one mentoring, assessments, work-related guidance, spiritual direction, and Bible reading and prayer.


Themes of the mentorship include Christian character development; high trust leadership; dealing with your feelings; employment and educational discernment; why you do what you do?; life planning; dealing with fear; and other developmental and leadership topics that are important for young adults. 

Much needed perspective...

Living and working together helps us to learn and grow closer to God. Each week contains theme focused conversations, and experiential learning punctuated with times of quiet and prayer. It is a year that removes you from the conveyor belt of academia or work to get some much-needed perspective and appreciation for who you are and where God may be leading you. Barnabas will expose you to some amazing leaders that will both inspire and provoke you.


Before her death, Ruth Blake poured herself into the mentoring of young adults. Now, respecting her love and passion, we are expanding our mentorship program under the guidance of Carson Pue, author of “Mentoring Leaders: Wisdom for developing Calling, Character and Competency.”

Our setting...

Located on Keats Island, just off the coast of British Columbia, an idyllic place to experience whole life Christ centred mentoring. On over 80 acres this site has be used by God in the mentoring of young adults. There is something about location that enhances our growth.

Barnabas Family Ministries

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Gibsons, BC

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